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This web site is to simplfy the Information surrounding Royal Mail Mailmark™ in particular Mailmark for Franking Machine Users.

The Royal Mail have recently announced that the new Mailmark (formerly EIB) can be accessed via Mailmark™ Compatible Franking Machines. Access to Royal Mail Mailmark™ will be available from April 2014 with some machines and later in the year for other as manufactuers develop their equipment to be compatible with Mailmark™.

Mailmark™ (formerly known as Enterprise Intelligent Barcode® or EIB®) mixes a new 2D barcode with state of the art optical technology and digital enhanced reporting. In the future a further developement of Mailmark™, you’ll know where your mail consignment is in the Royal Mail network, when it’s due to arrive and how good the mail has been processed through the Royal Mail. Starting in 2014, Mailmark™ offers:

  1. A price differnec to receive the maximim in postal discounts when using a franking machine to access Mailmark™.

  2. A new Business Reply service that you can frank that will enhance your resposes and help increase revenue.

  3. Instant Auto Royal Mail postal price change software update that will automatically apply on the day of the change which will avoid surcharges and upset customers.

  4. No need to use your faxline or phone line anymore as all Mailmark™ compatible franking machines will be connected via your loacal area network making it easier and faster.
  5. With Royal Mail Mailmark™ and a Mailmark™ compatible Franking Machine you will also benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail and you can still add your own company logo and external return address.

  6. Enhanced data via online Mailcoms Mail Reports providing you with real time usage information to make instant business critical changes.

Unfortunately whenever the Royal Mail make the slightest change to their systems some franking machine companies or lone sales people can take advantage and use the confusion to lead customers in to believing they have to change their franking machine when in fact they don't. Mailmark™ does not mean your machine is obsolete and is only an additional method of getting your mail through the Royal Mail Network nd not a replacement to the current 'Value franked impression.

Worse still, we've already seen a number of customers receive aggressive marketing communications who already have a 'Mailmark™' compatible franking machine are so confused they're unsure as to whether this new additional service affects them.

If you're unsure please call us on 08450 530930 or email us by CLICKING HERE.

Royal Mail Mailmark™ Compatible Franking Machines:

  • Below is a list of manufactuers and machines that we know are either Mailmark Compatible or can be via an update. (This information is as we understand and may change, its not definitive so it may still be worth checking with your supplier)

    Mailcoms Mailmark™ Compliant Franking Machines

    • Mailbase
    • Mailbase +
    • Mailbase Speed
    • Mailcentre
    • Mailpoint Connect

    Neopost Mailmark™ Compliant Franking Machines

    • IS240 / IS280 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS330 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS350 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS420 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS430 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS440 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS460 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
    • IS480 - (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)

    Pitney Bowes Mailmark™ Compliant Franking Machines

    • DM50 - DM55 - (Available Late 2014)
    • DM160i
    • DM220i
    • DM300c - (Available Late 2014)
    • DM400c - (Available Late 2014)
    • DM475c - (Available Late 2014)
    • Connect+ 1000 / 2000 / 3000

    FP Mailing - Francotyp Postalia

    • No data yet


    • From the information weve received from Frama we understand that none of the current Matrix Range and none of the older sensonic range are compatible with Mailmark™.

Got questions about how Mailmark™ on postal services could affect your business? Contact Royal Mail Customer Services on 08456 113 421 or Mailcoms on 08450 530930, Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Please visit the Royal Mail page by clicking here on this subject by clicking here on this subject for further updates on vat on postage and other Royal Mail services.


Do you want to access the Mailmark™ service?

Replacing your Franking Machine

If you are looking for a replacement franking machine contact Mailcoms on 08450 530930 or CLICK HERE to email your request. Mailcoms can offer some of the best solutions available without 'pressure' sales tactics.


Updating / Upgrading your franking Machine

Some Franking Machines are already or can be updated to cope with Mailmark CLICK HERE and input your details to find out if your franking machine can be updated to allow it to process Mailmark™.