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Royal Mail Mailmark for Franking Machines FAQ’s

On this page we will try to answer all of your questions. Mailmark is quickly approaching so we want to help you. Below is a list of questions and answers.

Royal Mail Mailmark FAQ’s

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Mailmark is a brand new initiative by the Royal Mail.

Mailmark is a new initiative by the Royal Mail of which the Royal Mail have invested £70 million. Mailmark is soon to be available via a Mailmark compatible franking machine which would be an alternative to the current franking impression. The new Mailmark Franking impression will allow access to multiple benefits. Mailmark franking machines are needed to print the new Mailmark Franking impression which would be a 2D Barcode.

This is what the new Mailmark 2D Frank will look like.

Royal Mail Mailmark Frank

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Benefits of Mailmark

The benefits of mailmark are.

  1. A price benefit.
  2. Instant price updates.
  3. Enhanced Reports.

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The New 2D Bar Code Frank

Royal Mail Mailmark Frank this is what the new frank will look like.

Royal Mail Mailmark Franking Machines FAQ’s

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