The Mailbase Speed Mailmark Franking Machine

Mailcoms Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The Mailbase speed Mailmark Franking Machine includes multiple features such as fully automatic envelope feeding, automatic date change, cost statistics and easily change your advertisement message. With its High quality ink-jet technology it franks your postal data nad advertising messages perfectly with a simple menu guided interface.

The Mailbase speed Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 95 per minute
  • Choice of 5kg, 7kg or 12kg scale built in
  • Automatic Envelope Feeding & Label Dispencing
  • High-value blocking is programmable
  • Up to a 300 password protected cost centres
  • Full Vat Reporting & Lowest cost High Yield ink cartridges

Thanks to being a fully automatic system its Feeder/Sealer can frank up to 95 letters within a minute and it can even automatically seal them as well! The Mailbase speed mailmark franking machine Modularity also enables flexible automatic letter-feeding, with the pull out guide the Mailbase speed also handles stacked large size envelopes in both portrait and landscape.

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Mailbase speed Mailmark Franking Machine

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