The Mailbase Plus Mailmark Franking Machine

Mailcoms Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The Mailbase Plus Mailmark Franking Machine is the latest generation of low to mid volume Mailmark franking machines. The Mailbase Plus is the first Mailmark franking machine to be designed around the Royal Mail to ensure the best possible use by the user whether its concerning Mailmark or any other future changes.

The Mailbase Plus Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 65 per minute
  • 5kg scale built in
  • LAN connection
  • High-value blocking is programmable
  • Up to a 100 password protected cost centres
  • Full Vat Reporting

Thanks to its fantastic accounting functionality you can track postage expenses for multiple accounts! It allows the user to even backup the important information upon a usb stick to ensure you never loose any important information completely free of charge. One of the latest additions to low-mid volume Mailmark franking machines is the ‘LAN’ Connection to ensure overall increase in speed.

This is the perfect Mailmark franking machine for any company. For more information about this Mailbase Plus Mailmark franking machine simply click here or for more information about Mailmark simply click here or here.To get a quick affordable quote for this machine simply fill in the form below or press the button. To get the best overall quote and get us to decide what machine is best for you simply click here , here or Here.

Mailbase Plus Mailmark Franking Machine

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