The Mailbase Pro Mailmark Franking Machine

Mailcoms Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The Mailbase Pro Mailmark Franking Machine is great at all round everything concerning mailing. With its semi-automatic envelope feed and built-in scale its perfect for all your large packages as well as small. Plus you can even track postage expenses on multiple accounts. It comes with slightly more features to the Mailbase franking machine.

The Mailbase Pro Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 45 per minute
  • 5kg scale built in
  • Automatic Date Change
  • High-value blocking is programmable
  • Complete VAT Reporting
  • Logo and return address free

This digtally fully enabled Mailbase Pro franking machine is designed specifically to try and help the company or client that buys it to try and reach and manage a more diverse and varied customer base. Thanks to the Mailbase Pro Mailmark franking machine’s higher mailing capacity it assures the utmost best handling performance of mail for the most demanding small business.

This is the perfect Mailmark franking machine for any company. For more information about this Mailbase Pro Mailmark franking machine simply click here or for more information about Mailmark simply click here or here.To get a quick affordable quote for this machine simply fill in the form below or press the button. To get the best overall quote and get us to decide what machine is best for you simply click here , here or Here.

Mailbase Pro Mailmark Franking Machine

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