The IS350 Mailmark Franking Machine

Neopost Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The IS350 Mailmark Franking Machine is a pass through machine which basically means that the it is hand fed but then will eject without the use of intervention by you. Sadly however unlike its predecessors it does not have a label dispenser built within. Does include a slightly better built in scale of up to 3kg. The same ink is used within this machine as any Neopost low-mid volume mailmark franking machine so it also contains the encrypted chip which limits the number of impressions you can get out of cartridge before it is rendered useless.

The IS350 Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 40 per minute
  • 3kg scale built in
  • Hand fed and automatically ejected after
  • Smart start scale operation
  • Continous feeding option for bulk mailing sessions

The IS350 Mailmark Franking Machine is capable of printing on the envelopes with a maximum thickness of 9.5mm. It also has PIN based security as well as connecting to a secure server for the postage cost centre sccounting feature. The interface is similar to the IS330 as it allows any level of experienced user to easily operate the machine along with being built to operate at a lower noise than its older brothers.

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IS350 Mailmark Franking Machine

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