The IS280c Mailmark Franking Machine

Neopost Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The IS280c Mailmark Franking Machine is a replacement for the IJ25 with a more modern feel however it still uses the same printing technology and very similar ink cartridges. Sadly Neopost have inserted a encrypted chip within their cartridges which means that you can not use them to their full extend or refill them. With its sleek compact design however it is very capable of fitting anywhere in the office.

The IS280c Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 20 per minute
  • 2kg scale intergrated
  • Manual feeding and removing

The IS280c Mailmark Franking Machine has pin code protection to ensure that you are in control of usage but sadly does not have the ability to print out VAT sheets. The Default setting’s on the machine however help greatly reduce the chance of a accidental posting of mis-print. On another bright side however thanks to the machines LAN connection capabilities it can however be updated quickly as well as allowing access to the online portal which can display information such as postage usage filtered by time, class and department.

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IS280c Mailmark Franking Machine

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