The DM300M Mailmark Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The DM300M Mailmark Franking Machine Replaces the DM300c models to ensure that the customers can access LAN connection capability and become both Mailmark and Smart Meter compliant. The DM300M Mailmark franking machine comes Mailmark compatible out of the box and possesses a wide range of useful franking machine features for your business. This is a low to mid volume Mailmark franking machine.

The DM300M Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 65 per minute
  • 5kg scale built in
  • Semi automatic Feeding and Ejecting
  • Up to 5 presets for your more commonly used jobs
  • Print a promotional message as well as return address on all envelopes

The DM300M Mailmark Franking Machine has pin code protection to ensure that you are in control of usage as well as printing VAT services thanks to the built in Smart Meter. You can frank onto 9.5mm thick envelopes or on to self adhesive franking labels for the larger packages.

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DM300M Mailmark Franking Machine

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