The SendPro P3000 Mailmark Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes Mailmark compatible Franking Machines

The SendPro P3000 Mailmark Franking Machine allows for either smart blue, black and white or full colour franking ink to be used when franking. This can be applied to the entire length of the envelope allowing for much better and clear promotional messages and advertisements. Simply just upload a image free of charge and it will be usable just within minutes. The SendPro P3000 Mailmark Franking Machine is a brand new machine and replaces the Connect+ 3000 franking machine. It comes Mailmark ready, straight from the box.

The SendPro P3000 Mailmark Franking Machine in detail
  • Can frank up to 310 per minute
  • 5kg scale built in
  • Completely automatic feeding
  • Up to 5 presets for your more commonly used jobs
  • Print quality of 1200 dpi
  • Built in label dispenser
  • Comes with up to 3000 Optional Cost Centres

The SendPro P3000 Mailmark Franking Machine has pin code protection to ensure that you are in control of usage as well as printing VAT services thanks to the built in Smart Meter along with the ability to connect to a secure server. It can frank onto envelops with a size of up to 19mm or on to self adhesive franking labels for the larger packages. Plus many apps are available to make the whole franking process just that little bit easier.

This is the perfect Mailmark franking machine for any company. For more information about this SendPro P3000 Mailmark franking machine simply click here or for more information about Mailmark simply click here or here.To get a quick affordable quote for this machine simply fill in the form below or press the button. To get the best overall quote and get us to decide what machine is best for you simply click here , here or Here.

SendPro P3000 Mailmark Franking Machine

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